Clear writing plays a central part in promoting a strong brand image to senior decision-makers. It is easily overlooked, even by blue-chip organisations. The more sophisticated the client, the greater the collateral damage. The words you use in written communication will be echoed as your products, services and actions are discussed by stakeholders, internal and external. Our writers understand the marketing imperative as well as the wider strategic and investment context. We are experts in the use of written English for business and consumers.

We will work closely with your executive team to fashion your messaging to the highest standards. Our lead writer has a deep background in capital-markets journalism having written and edited for finance professionals and media clients on subjects including technology, oil, foreign exchange, fixed income, equities, agricultural commodities, metals, and shipping. This guarantees that your expertise is properly showcased in thought leadership, marketing collateral, or investor communications. Your copy will resonate with social meda influencers as well as search engine algorithms.

Investment bank, technology vendor, or communications agency? We have the expertise to reach your target audience with informative and engaging content, whether through marketing, investor relations, or public relations channels. We will work quickly and cost-effectively on complex commissions when your deadlines are tight and ensure you find your clearest voice. A direct collaboration with writers who are themselves experienced business professionals may yield more than just good copy: we are all a product of the language we use.

Our Services

Marketing Email

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to create a sales pipeline. Getting prospects to click on and open your message is no easy task. Subject lines, body text and calls to action must tease the busy executive to explore your offering and want to contact you. We will make sure your message gets through.

Clean Edit

Clean Edit is our quick turnaround service that helps your in-house authored documents stand out from the competition. Complexity and time constraints naturally challenge the executive writer. We’ll make sure your text will be punchy and clean, with that big-company advantage, whether you’re a big company or not.

Thought Leadership

Social media demands a flow of cogent thought leadership to create and maintain brand awareness and generate leads. This coincides with a decline in the effectiveness of mechanistic search engine optimisation. We’ll make the author-executive look their best to each audience or algorithm with elegantly argued long-form prose.

Case Studies

A compelling story of success communicates value not just to leads, but also to employees–supporting business momentum. A good journalist brings out more than the core benefits, opening up the larger corporate narrative.

Native Advertising

Businesses can now capture attention within trusted editorial venues as never before. To achieve a successful click-through, you must promise to inform or entertain. We can create articles in a style appropriate to the environment that will enhance your brand.

Press Releases

Catching the eye of journalists is ever more difficult and press releases are notoriously dull. Yet a brief story well told is the best bet to secure that free mention in the editorial section of your target publications.


‘As Managing Director for the Soros Economic Development Fund, I needed a very experienced editor to improve the quality of our investment presentations. We were looking for someone who would work closely and sympathetically with our senior management and team of analysts to critique and strengthen our narrative approach. Tim Penn was very flexible. He responded quickly and effectively to our needs and was able to improve and develop what we gave him and return the finished presentations to very tight deadlines.’

Thomas Jetter Soros Economic Development Fund

‘We asked Writing Penn to help deliver a Wikipedia-style Android application for a UK defence project. We needed concise, readable text for a casual but technically informed reader.

Tim provided us with an accurate quote and then accommodated continued changes throughout whilst still meeting the tight deadlines we required. The text we received back was shorter, more engaging and simpler to read without any loss of key information. Using Writing Penn made achieving our objectives considerably easier and I will be using them again.’

Robert Marshall Baldesan Research Ltd

‘I initially asked Eirlys to use some of our training materials to produce a concise and readable fact sheet. Then, at short notice, I needed to turn that content into a script for a short animation about the Care Act. Eirlys was great, not only with the words but also suggesting ideas for the visuals and style as well.’

Fiona Richardson Institute of Public Care

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Cast-iron Content Strategy

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Content marketing did not exist in 1969 when Elizabeth David penned an iconic care-instruction-cum-recipe pamphlet for Le Creuset to hawk a product that was barely known in the UK at the time. David was as much literary figure as food writer. She eschewed cheap publicity and celebrity—something that food pundits say means she wouldn't find a publisher today. The pressure to produce instantly shareable content is something she would not 'Like'. But other pundits are suggesting that this kind of collaboration between writer/artist and brand may be more valuable in future for those seeking a richer and more authentic audience response.