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The Bath Magazine is a major local lifestyle magazine serving the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, Somerset in South West England. The magazine has a monthly distribution of around 20,000 copies to affluent homes, and a readership of 70,000. It attracts premium advertisers in the property, luxury and lifestyle sectors. The objective of the editorial content is to surround the advertising with engaging, well-written, intelligent and aspirational articles reflecting the broad cultural life of the city.

Ahead of The Telegraph Bath Children's Literature Festival we pitched an arts feature article on the 18th century novelist Sarah Fielding, sister of Henry Fielding – a successful, pioneering literary figure in her own right, though now long forgotten. Characterising her as a 'Georgian JK Rowling', the article highlighted many parallels between the two writers, past and present. Fielding's reasonable claim to fame was to be the first writer to produce an extended narrative for children. And, like the Harry Potter series, it was set in a boarding school.

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