Case Studies

Nailing the sales narrative
Case studies are the bread and butter of sales promotion. A good case study writer is an essential part of the sales team. A compelling story of customer satisfaction and success communicates value not just to leads but also to employees. That supports business momentum by enthusing those who played a part in the win.

With our deep background in journalism,  the Writing Penn partnership prides itself on being able to produce a really persuasive case study and turn it around rapidly. We nail the story (the who, what, when, where and why) and will include just the right level of detail to make your case both credible and absorbing.

What makes a good case study writer?
A good journalist or writer will bring out more than the core benefits you offer. They’ll open up the larger corporate narrative to make the experience more salient to your prospect, crafting a case study that will put you in the strongest possible position to close that sale.

Understanding a business’s strategic context in all its richness isn’t easy. It comes with experience. Tim Penn has worked as a journalist covering subjects that straddle industry, finance and geopolitics. For example, he covered the oil markets but also the associated industrial infrastructure and supply chain, such as North Sea oil production, refinery complexes and the international shipping market.

Tim then worked in senior editorial management, alongside sales, marketing and technology executives, determining and executing corporate strategy, working through mergers and acquisitions while taking a hand in and managing various procurement projects, including building a state-of-the-art international newsroom. He has also worked with investment banks, venture capital and private equity providers evaluating businesses and pitching for funding.

Reaching your target audience
The business case study originated in the Harvard Business School and, depending on the audience, it may be necessary to couch a business offering within terminology familiar to the MBA-qualified C-suite executive. But jargon can all too easily be exclusive, so we handle this with care. As your case study writer we will always have one eye fixed on reaching the widest possible audience for which any story is relevant.


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