Clean Edit

Delivering quality, saving you time
Clean Edit is our quick freelance copy-editing service that helps your in-house authored documents stand out from the competition. In global teams, English may not be the author’s first language. Or time constraints can prevent the executive writer producing their best writing to order. And in an office environment it can be difficult for the managing executive who normally provides quality control before publication to set aside sufficient time, free from distractions, to edit a document to the highest corporate standards.

Gaining competitive advantage
Our background in financial newswires—where multi-million-dollar trading decisions hang on the clarity of copy—and our experience in book publishing and public relations—will ensure that your text will be punchy and clean and carry that big-company advantage, whether you’re a big company or not.

The act of copy-editing can be an overlooked or undervalued part in the creation of compelling content. Large organisations often insist on it, putting copy through both a stringent copy-editing and proofreading process. Even internal communications can benefit from professional editing because errors can distract attention from the substance of a document or proposal.

Copy-editing is more than proofreading, though there can be significant overlap. A good proofreader can add a lot more value than just fixing typos. A good copy editor is both thinking about the style of the article and acting as a representative reader, evaluating better than the writer how the document reads and whether important points are conveyed in the most economical way. This is especially important in commercial copy where reader attention is easily lost because of time or the complexity of the subject matter.

The collaboration between writer and editor
A good second pair of eyes is welcomed by the best writers. They know only too well how an intense focus on the information or the act of content creation can blind them to their own mistakes and hinder them from seeing better options for saying the same thing more clearly. At its best, the collaboration between writer and copy editor delivers a much improved product. In turn, the best editor avoids editing just for editing’s sake.

And at the Writing Penn partnership we practise what we preach. All our copy is cross-checked. With our writing hats on, we happily submit to the authority of good editors of all ages and experience levels for feedback.

Good writing leads to structured thinking
For novice writers, or those not used to writing for a public audience, working with a copy editor is a safe way to get ready feedback on your writing and see your text from another’s point of view. Good writing is also about structuring our thoughts—improving the way we think—which can lead to significant organisational benefits. At Writing Penn, we’ll happily engage with your writers to help them realise their full potential and develop ongoing writing habits which will improve their thinking as well as aid their internal and external communications.

This bolsters the corporate narrative at a granular level, allowing the company and its executives to capture more profit from their relationship with customers. Such narrative information–in effect, systematically well-told stories about what a company does–builds out the goodwill and other intangible factors on which rests the valuation of a modern firm in the eyes of investors.

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