Marketing Email

Creating a sales pipeline
Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to create a sales pipeline. Getting prospects to click on your message is no easy task because most of your customers’ inboxes are overwhelmed with huge numbers of items, many of which they must pay attention to. And that’s assuming the message got through their spam filter in the first place.

Good marketing emails require the most careful preparation. Subject lines need to be creatively constructed with the right trigger words and descriptive content that catch the eye and lead to action: the opening and reading of the email. The subject line is to email marketing what the headline is to a news story. Great headline writers are worth their weight in gold.

A persuasive pathway
Your brand, product or service will suffer if the email content, its style, grammar, and ultimate call to action are not crafted to provide a pathway the reader will find both useful and persuasive. It pays to segment your prospects systematically and target bespoke messages accordingly.

Securing a return on investment
Gathering contacts, through trade shows and other forums, is an expensive yet vital investment. To secure a return on that investment, it’s imperative to optimise each connection with your prospective customers. They are the future of your business.

Compelling and actionable communication
We will work closely with your sales and marketing staff to put the best words and structure behind your key messages. We will happily provide a range of email options for you to test and help refine your strategy. With Writing Penn, marketing meets journalism to create your own compelling, actionable communications.

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