Press Releases

Catching the journalist’s eye
Catching the eye of journalists is ever more difficult and press releases are all too easily rendered dull to read. Yet a brief story well told remains a good bet to secure that free mention in the editorial section of your target publications.

A well-written press release stands the chance of being turned around unaltered by hard-pressed reporters. It’s happened often enough to us, and we don’t complain! You get your message across just the way you want to.

Focusing on the narrative
As journalists, we know what will pique editorial interest and what will be useful to publications as they strive to attract the attention of readers. And we’ll make sure the right balance is struck between providing the necessary information and not disrupting the natural flow good writing must have to make it readable. We’ll work with you to isolate a strong narrative about your company and the particular announcement the press release seeks to convey.

The journalist as customer
When a journalist see a good press release, they recognise the skill that went into it and will be more sympathetic and responsive to the company that delivered it. A press release is a product, and in this instance the journalist is the customer. With the Writing Penn partnership behind your press releases, you can be assured we’ll keep this very particular customer satisfied.