Web Copy

From first impressions to complex information
Web copy covers the gamut of textual marketing communications, from clear and concise home pages which elicit a positive first impression of the company or its products, to ad-connected landing destinations which must generate full buyer engagement. Consequently, it’s necessary to work with a copywriter, or team of writers, who can deal with complex narratives and can also distill any complexity into creative straplines and slogans capable of delivering a simple, powerful message.

Creating an appropriate tone of voice
Establishing an appropriate tone of voice that supports the brand is also a creative process which may require much discussion between brand manager and the writing team. This may take time to get right, particularly where the target market is new, evolving or where commodity goods or services need some additional form of competitive differentiation.

Meeting the needs of different web users
Websites must cater efficiently for different types of reader-users: those who want to make a confident decision to buy based on very little information, and those who apply a more extended due-dilligence process.

The intuitive buyer will apply a set of time-worn heuristics, or rules of thumb, for instance judging the design of a website as fitting their purpose. Here the textual information must quickly capture their imagination as delivering the benefits they are looking for. The tone must speak to them in a very direct way. Trust needs to be established within the blink of an eye.

The more information-driven buyer will need more layers of detail. For this buyer, the website must provide easy navigation along a strong narrative journey supported by relevant factual statements that elaborate the benefits they seek. However, technical or feature details still need to be delivered in an easily readable form that will build a reassuring picture as quickly as possible.

Removing objections
Ultimately, the goal of any commercial website is to deliver the buyer to the point of purchase with as few remaining objections as possible. The more artfully the text has delivered that reassurance the more readily the buyer will respond to any call to action, and allow any subsequent person-to-person sales interaction to close the deal.


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