White Papers

Leading by example
White papers which provide a clear, persuasive position on an important commercial, technological or financial development are an increasingly important part of corporate marketing. Influencing the spectrum of stakeholders whom a company needs to engage is vitally important to corporate success. High impact white papers are also a natural medium to gather prospect emails because, if they contain relevant and well-written information that will inform executive decision making, your prospects will feel they have a professional responsibility to download them.

Clarity travels well
Policy statements can all too easily turn into jargon-laden dirges. And the people you want to read them won’t thank you for it. Clarity, on the other hand, travels well. It’s like a first class ticket.

Statements – no matter how technical – can resonate beyond the immediate target audience if carefully crafted by a professional writer. Writing transparent copy helps those outside your domain of expertise to understand your position. This can be of strategic value where opportunities for technological or strategic collaborations may present themselves. Also, copy that works for the non-expert senior decision-maker, or is more accessible to junior talent, is all the more likely to be read, remembered and shared.

Creating coherence
The more technical and extensive a document, as is the case with bid proposals, the greater will be the number of contributing writers who have taken part in the compilation. This can lead to incoherence and stylistic inconsistency. Here is where an independent writer-editor can help fashion a messy patchwork into an elegant collage.

We’re practised at cutting through technical statements and bringing out their meaning in plain language, accessible to lay and expert reader alike. And we’re not afraid to ask the dumb question to elicit the punchy clarification that your expert was reaching for all along.

View a white paper authored for leading customer science company dunnhumby here.